16 December 2010

Virgin Blue's VH-VUY

In a rare move, Virgin Blue is having their newest 737-8KG, VH-VUY (c/n 39450), delivered through HNL today.  The all-white 738 leased from Dubai Aerospace will reportedly have decals applied when it arrives in Australia, guessing it will be a logojet or special livery. Virgin Blue deliveries usually transit through LIH and NAN before arriving at BNE.

Here's VH-VUY taxing over to the Air Service hanger after arrival in HNL.

***Update 01.24.11***
VH-VUY has become the logojet for the Australian Football league.


Brandon G. said...

Not going to be a logojet or special livery. It is in a all white scheme because Virgin Blue will have a new livery next year when they become Virgin Australia. They are currently fighting to get the name of a person who already uses the name for his company.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

No this one will be a Logo Jet guys..