16 January 2011

ANA's JA622A Is The 1,000th 767

Final assembly has begun on the 1,000th Boeing 767 (all series), and Line Number 1000 has the distinction of going to JA622A (c/n 40567) of All Nippon Airways - ANA, a 767-381ER. 

Will there be a special decal on JA622A to note the achievement? 

Hopefully, after its delivered and enters service, JA622A will pay a visit to HNL from one of the ANA flights from Tokyo's two airports.

News link from the Airline Reporter blog on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website.

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OGGturbojets said...

We saw the 1,000th 747 in final assembly at Everett back in 1993. My math could be a little off, but it seems it took the 767 around six years longer than the 747 to hit 1K. Also interesting is that no 747's were delivered last year..