17 January 2011

The Tsuru Returns To JAL!

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun, JAL is bringing back the tsuru (crane) logo with an updated typeface sometime after March 2011. The tsuru will make its return after a three-year hiatus, when Landor Tokyo changed the corporate image to represent the red sun, and the last of the JAL fleet was repainted to its current livery.

In the 2006 photo above, shows the last version of the JAL tsuru logo. No word was given on what the the rest of the livery will look like. JA602J currently wears the "Endless Discovery" decals with the current livery.

The JAL press release of their new corporate image.

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Anonymous said...


Did anyone hear about this? I read on airliners.net that a LH A346 will be visiting HNL.

Here's the link:

Supposed to land sometime this afternoon.

It would be great to snap a photo of that bird. Too bad I'm not in HNL.