21 January 2011

Delta Celebrates 70 Years!

Happy 70th Birthday Delta Air Lines! The Atlanta-based carrier celebrates its 70th year of service with anniversary festivities at their home base.

Within Hawai‘i, Delta officially began serving HNL in 1987 after its merger with Western Air Lines, which began service at HNL and ITO in 1969.

The Delta press release.

Pictured above, is Delta's 767-332ER, N1602 (c/n 29694) on Taxiway D during Kona Wind traffic conditions. It's taxiing to Runway 26L to depart for NGO as DAL611.

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OGGturbojets said...

Last Friday also marked the 40th anniversary of the first commercial flight of the 747. PanAm's New York to London.