22 January 2011

China Southern MD-90s

Two China Southern MD-90s are making their way to join the Delta Air lines fleet. The flights are listed as CSN6999 and CSN3823, and originated from MFM (Macau International Airport) and made stops at SPN and MAJ before the HNL stop. They are destined for MZJ via OAK.

According to Skyliners-Aviation.de, the MD-90-30s making the ferry flights are B-2250 (c/n 53523) and B-2253 (c/n 53526), and will be re-registered as N953DN and N956DN respectively. The only info we lack, is which MD-90 is associated with which flight number.

B-2250 was originally delivered to China Northern Airlines (CJ/CBF) in July 1996. B-2253 was delivered to China Northern Airlines in February 1997. Both MD-90s, as well as the entire China Northern fleet, were integrated into the China Southern fleet when CSN took over CBF in December 2004.

Sorry, no HNL photos ...


Anonymous said...

B-2250 was CSN 3823; B-2253 was CSSN 6999 at KOAK

Anonymous said...

And confirming: B-2253, not B-2252.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Mahalo for the clarifications! :-)
Will make the corrections.