13 January 2011

JAL To Upgauge HND Flight

A search of the JAL schedule shows that the Haneda flight, JL80/89 will upgauge to a 777 for the Summer 2011 schedule, which starts March 27. This will be a 2-class 777-200ER, with the older Skyluxe business class seats. No word on the Winter schedule, since it is not available.

***Update 01.14.11***
Although the JAL website says that the online schedule is only available for the next 8 months, it does pull up flights past that. A search on October 31, the start of the winter schedule, and other dates in November still show JL80/89 as a 777. However, this can change as the winter schedule is finalized.

ANA still is showing A 767 in their schedule for the summer for both HND and NRT flights. For the winter, the HND flight is not showing, but the NRT flight does show. Not sure if this means anything.

As for Hawaiian, according to this interview from the Japan Times, the 767 is supposed to be flying the route for the first 6 months then changing to the A330. However, the 767 is still showing through the 11 months available to book flights.

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Blue Wave 707 said...

Will NH also upgrade to their 777-200ERs?
Will HA upgrade to their A330-200s?

Blue Wave 707 said...

For HA, I guess it will depend on how fast they can get the 2011 A330 deliveries ... one is due in March & four for the year. Wonder when it will go daily ...

Surprised NH won't compete with a 772 ...