19 January 2011

Lufthansa DLH2572

Lufthansa (LH/DLH) is bringing in a charter flight from MUC (Munich International, Germany) as DLH2572. The flight is being operated with an A340-600, D-AIHF (msn 543). It will return to MUC as DLH2573.

DLH2572 coursed 6,991 nautical miles, and took 14 hours and 48 minutes to get from MUC to HNL.

The above photo, courtesy team member HawaiiTravelDeals, shows D-AIHF taxiing on Taxiway Z to its gate after arriving on Runway 8L. They also provided a link to Welt, a German online publication detailing the flight.

This photo shows D-AIHF from across the airport, clearing Runway 8L.


Matt said...

Just saw it come in. What a beautiful plane! I hope somebody got some good photos!

Anonymous said...

Here is the english translation for the web link.

Lufthansa prepares new record with non-stop flight.
Unmatched non-stop flight from Munich to Hawaii is a new personal record for Lufthansa.

Airbus A340-600 completed the longest non-stop distance in Lufthansa’s history with a direct flight from Munich to the US Pacific island of Oahu, Hawaii. The long-haul jet named "L├╝beck" flew a Charter flight on January 19th, from the Bavarian capital to Honolulu, as reported by the airline. With a flight time of 14 hours & 48 minutes for a distance of 13,000 kilometers, it’s now the longest and furthest Lufthansa-non-stop flight.

The previous record flight led in January from Munich to Santiago de Chile. A Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 at that time 14 hours and 43 minutes needed for 12,500 kilometers.

Onboard were 150 cruise passengers from Airbus, who flew to Hawaii to meet the luxury cruise ship "MS Germany", currently on the way to Hawaii. The crew consisted of four pilots and twelve Flight Attendants. The flight plan followed the Shetland Islands, towards Arctic Circle, over the North Sea, behind Greenland, over Vancouver, then four and a half hours across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. Lufthansa has 34 Airbus A340-600 aircrafts.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the correction ;))

The route led across the North Sea, the Shetland Islands and heads towards the Arctic Circle. Behind Greenland it was in a southwesterly direction across Canada to Vancouver. From the Canadian mainland led the route around four and a half hours over the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii