12 March 2011

Astraeus AEU666

An Astraeus 757-200 arrived early this morning from NGO as AEU666. It probably is "Ed Force One", the flagship for the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, and wears a special livery for the band.

G-STRX (c/n 25621, l/n 457), a 757-2Q8 (seen above) wears the "Ed Force One" livery for Iron Maiden's Final Frontier World Tour 2011. According to the band's link, they were scheduled to play in Tokyo on the 12th & 13th, but cancelled the shows due to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. The are scheduled to play at Monterrey, México on the 17th.

G-OJIB (c/n 24292, l/n 219), a 757-23A, was last here in February 2009 with the same flight number.

Photos courtesy team member Aeros.

***Update 03.15.11***
AEU666 is scheduled to leave for MTY (General Mariano Escobedo International Airport, Monterrey, México) tonight at 2310HST.

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Moku Pics said...

They were in Bali a few days prior to this. A busy schedule for some old rockers!