15 April 2011

737-300s Update

Speaking of 737-300s ... a few years ago, several of these birds made their way to Asia through HNL. Their posts were listed with, then-unknown destinations. Here's an update of where these -300s ended up:
22953 | N374US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YTX
22957 | N384US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YTM [stored]
23318 | N396US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YTW [stored]
22952 | N373US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVY
23317 | N395US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVZ
23632 | N173AW | -33A: Merpati as PK-MBP
23316 | N394US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVV
23319 | N397US | -3B7: Metro Batavia as PK-YVW
24097 | N497AN | -33A: Metro Batavia as PK-YVU
24093 | N493AN | -33A: Metro Batavia as PK-YVX
23931 | N586US | -301: Merpati as PK-MDJ
24253 | N349UA | -322: Metro Batavia as PK-YVM
24638 | N373UA | -322: Metro Batavia as PK-YVL

A few Qantas/JetConnect 737-338s were ferried to the US mainland for storage:
23491 | ZK-JNB | -376: ?
24295 | ZK-JNN | -376: now N295AG (Aviation Capital Group)
24296 | ZK-JNC | -376: now N294AG (Aviation Capital Group)
24297 | ZK-JND | -376: now N297AG (Aviation Capital Group)

Also, a China Southern 737-5Y0, B-2543 (c/n 24898), stopped through HNL on its way to the US mainland, and went on to Ukraine International Airlines as UR-GAW.


dhcomet said...

ZK-JNB was scrapped as far as I know in late 2009/early 2010.
JND/JNN are sitting in the desert still in storage and don't appear to be going anywhere.
However ZK-JNC, the final-ever Qantas 737-300 has since been resurrected from Marana and flown to England to be restored and converted to a VIP aircraft. It flew over to Bournemouth in late 2010 after sitting in the desert for a year.

Blue Wave 707 said...

Thanks for the update.

dhcomet said...

An update on ZK-JND and ZK-JNN; both these aircraft have now been parted out in Tucson, Arizona by Matthews Aviation. Also ZK-JNC, after being parked in a hangar for over a year has been stripped of all useful parts, VIP conversion cancelled and the aircraft will now be broken up at Bournemouth Airport. It seems they simply found too much wrong with this frame to bother with the VIP conversion.