13 April 2011

Sendai Airport Re-opens

SDJ (Sendai International Airport) was re-opened for limited daytime commercial operations after being ravaged by the M9.0 Tōhoku region earthquake and tsunami.

Both JAL Express and ANA conduct round-trip flights between HND and SDJ using 737-800s. JAL4721 was the first flight into SDJ that arrived shortly after 0800JST (on 4/13). In fact, in the NHK news video, the JAL Express 737-846, JA302J, was recently re-painted in their new livery, and had extra titles bearing the phrase "Ganbare Nihon (Japan Persevere)". ANA has also applied decals supporting encouragement for the people of Japan on their 737-881s and their 777-381s.

JAL Express also is gearing up service between ITM and SDJ later this month.

The airport was re-opened in late March for relief flight operations, thanks in part to a combined effort with the US Pacific Command and Japanese Self Defense Forces. News report have said that SDJ hopes to service international flights in the second half of this year.

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