17 May 2011

Omni Air International's 777-222ER

Omni Air International's first of two 777-222ER's is seen above resting on the North Ramp hardstands after arriving from Hartsfield-Jackson International (KATL/ATL), Atlanta as OAE778. N918AX (c/n 26935, l/n 88) previously flew for United Airlines as N789UA and Air India as VT-AIL before being leased by Omni.

***Update 05.19.11***
The flight continued on to ICN on the 18th.


Moku Pics said...

Never imagined the day I would see Omni using 777s. They must be going cheap these days.

Blue Wave 707 said...

I think they're using their 763s & 772s fro military troop charters. Their 752s are used for the LAS runs.

Anonymous said...

The 777 is being used for proving runs, and Omni bought the airplane out right from United, Not leased

Mike said...

Looks lovely in that colour scheme