21 May 2011

USN Aviation Centennial

The United States Navy's Aviation Command celebrates its centennial anniversary this year. HNL RareBirds congratulates the US Navy and US Marines on completing their first century of aerial defense of our country! We also salute all of those naval aviators who have flown and maintained the aircraft to protect our country and our freedoms. On this Armed Forces Day, we thank the men and women of the US Navy and US Marines aviation corps for your service!

Pictured above is BuNo. 164197 (c/n 960/C192), an F/A-18C from the Navy's VFA-94 "Mighty Shrikes" (NAS Lemoore, CA), rolling out on Runway 4R after a training sortie in early 2010. The "Mighty Shrikes" based out of HIK during their training deployment.

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Moku Pics said...

Any ideas what is hanging on the MER? Looks like an AIM-9 but i've never seen one on a bomb rack.