09 June 2011

Gate 26 Renovation

After being closed off for several months, Gate 26 has been reopened after undergoing a slight renovation to allow the full use of the new corridor to Customs and Immigrations on the third level. Gone are the railings that once surrounded the seating area. The seating area is now surrounded by glass walls. Below are pictures of the changes.

The area by the boarding bridge doors are now separated from the seating area. The chandelier, seats, carpeting, and podium (not pictured) remain the same. As part of the renovation, the stucco ceiling was replaced with typical ceiling tiles.

Another big change, is that the escalator and stairs to the third level are completely enclosed.

Here you can see how tall the glass walls are.

Gates 27-30 will all need similar renovations to make those gates comply with CBP (US Customs and Border Patrol) rules, and allow the full use of the third level corridor.

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