24 July 2011


China Southern's monthly MD-90-30 ferry flight to MZJ continues today. It's their ninth MD-90 to join the Delta Air Lines fleet that is making the flight from MFM (via SPN, MAJ, HNL, and OAK) as CSN6999. B-2100 (c/n 60001, l/n 4001) is see above on HNL's North Ramp. This MD-90 was built under license by SAIC (Shanghai Aviation Industrial Corporation). It's scheduled to be registered as N964DN.

B-2100 was originally built in November 1999 for Shenzhen Airlines, but was not taken up. In September 2000, it was delivered to China Northern Airlines, and transferred to the China Southern in November 2004, when the two airlines merged.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the early morning photo.

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