14 July 2011

Kekipi Island Tours' N6077H

Kekipi Island Tours is the fictional helicopter company in the CBS-TV series"Hawai‘i Five-0". N6077H (msn 2693) is actually one of the two Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuils in the Makani Kai Helicopters fleet. The AS-350BA had the Kekipi decals applied to both sides of the fuselage, as the hit TV series began filming episodes for its second season this week. The Kekipi N6077H made a few appearance last season. The yellow and black rails on the skids are for camera mounts.

Mahalo to the folks at Makani Kai Helicopters for allowing me to photograph N6077H.


Anonymous said...

Blue Wave 707, What I meant about the skids is that we have the high skid gear on for the camera. The black and yellow steps are colored for safety. Sorry for the confusion. Makani Kai 4.

Blue Wave 707 said...

MK4, mahalo for the clarification. Sorry, I misunderstood you ... Aloha, BW707