30 August 2011

N593HA In Air Canada Colors

Hawaiian Air's 767-33AER, N593HA "Nēnē" (c/n 33424, l/n 901), has been painted in AIr Canada's colors. The lease with AWAS expired, and it's going onto to its next assignment. The Canadian registration has yet to be distributed, but the Air Canada fleet number will be 692.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the above photo!

***10.03.11 Update***
N593HA will be registered as C-GHPN when it's integrated into the Air Canada fleet.


Anonymous said...

It is too bad that the 767's are starting to leave the fleet.

I am sure that the A330's are more efficient, but the 767 has the "right" sized cabin.

Kuna Dave

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea if the interiors have been redone to the Air Canada interiors, or will they have the HA interior in them?

They're certainly better then the three leased birds they are replacing that were being used on some leisure routes.

YYC Dispatcher

David said...

I haven't flown on the A330 yet, but my parents have a few times and prefer the 767. The 767s have more comfortable seats.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the feeling of the seats on the Bus. My folks now book their trips around the A330.

Interested to know the interior specs on the ships now too.

FC said...

There's another plane I saw at the HA Hangar. 591, 593 is going to AC, whats the other AC plane as? 592? Thanks!