29 August 2011

Northern Air Cargo 737-232F

A 737-232F, N321DL (c/n 23093, l/n 1024), from Northern Air Cargo (NAC) is parked on Aloha Air Cargo ramp. NAC is a cargo airline based in Anchorage, AK, and is owned by the Saltchuk Resources, who also owns Aloha Air Cargo. This aircraft is here temporarily to fly for Aloha Air Cargo, due to one of Aloha's aircraft is out due to maintenance.

N321DL originally was delivered to Delta Airlines in 1984 and was in service with them until 2005. The aircraft was then converted into a freighter and started flying for NAC in 2006.


aviatorhi said...

Its also a gravel kit plane, pretty rare in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I flew that out of there to OAK.