01 September 2011

Kalair USA's N707KS

Our September edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to 1996, when this Kalair USA 707-321B, N707KS (c/n 20025, l/n 780), made a stop at HNL. It's seen above on the South Ramp being serviced by the now-defunct Circle Rainbow Air.

20025 was originally delivered to Pan American World Airways as N886PA, named "Clipper Sea Lark", in January 1969. In April 1983, N886PA was leased to Global International Airways, but repossessed five months later. In July 1984, Falcon Aircraft Conversions acquired the 707, and registered as N728Q. Its interior was converted to an executive transport configuration, and its JT3Ds were fitted with hush-kits. It was leased to Skystar International in March 1985, and to Independent Air in July 1987. Kalair USA then acquired N728Q in August 1989, and registered it as N707KS in May 1992. British Columbia Management acquired it in October 2000, and registered as D2-MAN, where it became a government transport of the Republique de Angola. It's not known if this 707 is still flying for the Angolan Government.

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