15 September 2011

Lion Air's PK-LHY

Lion Air is taking delivery of their 50th new-build 737-9GPER, PK-LHY (c/n 37285, l/n 3765). It's flying as LNI1, and is making a late night delivery flight that should stop off at HNL in the wee hours of Friday morning, and depart for MAJ a few hours later.

According to Boeing, PK-LHY is wearing a commemorative 50th 737-900ER tail logo in place of the current Lion logo. Of all of the Lion delivery flights, this is one of the few that is flying in the overnight hours, probably to avoid the logo being seen. This is also the second Lion 737-9GPER delivery this month.

A photo of the tail logo was posted on Boeing's Flickr page. BFI photographer Rick Schlamp also got a couple shots of PK-LHY during its test phase.

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Anonymous said...

Success Arival, Crew were great! Airplane was almost delayed due to APU problems. Lucky it was a quick fix and minor..