17 October 2011

National Air Cargo's N865F

Seen above is one of National Air Cargo's N865F (c/n 46088, l/n 464). This DC-8-63CF departed this afternoon for YIP (Willow Run, MI) as NCR865, after spending a few days at the Ewa hard-stands. It arrived on the 15th from SEA, but the flight originated from YIP, and made a stop at MCI.

N865F had its beginnings with Overseas National Airways [ONA] (OV), when it received the "Super Sixty" in May 1969. During its time with ONA, it was leased out to a variety of cargo airlines around the globe. Wells Fargo Bank acquired N865F in February 1982, and leased it back to ONA. When ONA went out of business, it was leased to various cargo firms. Emery Worldwide held the longest lease from May 1984 to January 2001. It was then leased to Murray Air in January 2001. Murray Air changed its name to National Air Cargo Group (dba National Airlines), and it acquired N865F in December 2008. As seen above, N865F is wearing partial National colors.

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