17 October 2011

Omni Upgrades LAS Service To 767-200

Omni Air International has upgraded its airliners serving their LAS-HNL charter with Vacations Hawai‘i with two 767-224ERs acquired from Continental Airlines. N225AX "Kīkaha" (c/n 30434, l/n 825, prev. N68155) and N67157 (c/n 30436, l/n 833) are the pair of 762s that will be exclusively used on the charter package runs between HNL and "the 9th Island".

N225AX received a blessing at HNL on the 14th before launching Omni's 762 service.

KHON 2 News video link.


2003Z06 said...

I just saw one of the 767s when I arrived at LAS yesterday. Nice bird!

Airsquad9 said...

WOW! Nice to see Omni upgrading especially to these CO 762ER's. These are some of the newest 767-200's out there and I'm surprised CO/UA gave them up already.