29 October 2011

Work Stoppage Cancels All Qantas Flights

In reaction to simultaneous labor disputes among three Qantas workers unions, the Australian carrier has grounded of all Qantas mainline and international flights today, including QFA3/4. QantasLink, JetStar, and JetConnect flights are not affected.

Qantas press release.

***10.30.11 Update***
According to the BBC, an independent tribunal has forced the airline to resume operations.


Nathaniel said...

According to what I see on flightaware.com it looks like United just traded out it's 4pm 777 non-stop to ORD for a 7pm 757-200 non-stop to ORD. Can anyone confirm this?

-Avid follower!

Anonymous said...

The Qantas 767 (VH-OGT) that arrived in HNL on Friday morning departed to SYD last night @ 2300 as QF 8004. Qantas is still behind one flight for HNL. Currently there are no plans to add an extra section for these passengers. Looks like JQ and HA will be full all week.