01 November 2011

Garuda's PK-GIJ

The November edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" goes back to January 6, 1996, where Garuda Indonesia's MD-11, PK-GIJ (c/n 48504, l/n 548) was photographed as it taxied along Taxiway RT. Garuda used to fly between CGK and HNL from the mid-90s to the late 90s. The short-lived service arrived from CGK around midnight, and returned the next morning.

PK-GIJ was originally delivered to Garuda in December 1993, and stayed for over four years. In November 1998, it went to Varig as PP-VQH. In 2007, 48504 was converted to a freighter, and acquired by Aeroflot in June 2008, as VP-BDQ.

During one of their landings on Runway 4R, a Garuda MD-11 had a tail-strike, that resulted in a go-around that had the tri-jet rocket over Kalihi, Nu‘uanu, downtown Honolulu, and Kaka‘ako before turning out to sea to re-cycle for another approach to Runway 4R. I was sitting out on my lanai of my condo that night, watching the string of late evening 4R arrivals, when I heard the Garuda crew request the go-around over my scanner. It was an amazing to watch and hear that MD-11 go full throttle over the city, especially watching the marker lights climb and bank. The MD-11 was subsequently parked on the South Ramp. It was determined that the damage was rather extensive, and temporary repairs could be made, so it could be ferried to the McDonnell-Douglas facilities at LGB for major repairs. I heard that the tail section did suffer damage to the airframe.


Anonymous said...

The husband of a family friend was the captain of that flight. He was a high time captain and was also a check airman on the 747, A300, and DC-10 fleets with Garuda. I believe the rear pressue bulk head was damaged in the hard landing and thats why it was on the south ramp for a few weeks undergoing repairs. The captain was terminated as the result of this landing. From what I heard a few factors played tribute to the botched landing. The localizer was off center and of course the pitch issues that the MD-11 suffer was at play.

Anonymous said...

Of note....the airplane was on approach to 8L and happened a little after 12 noon HST.

Moku Pics said...

It's Garuda. No shock here.

Blue Wave 707 said...

@Anonymous (2nd): it was Rwy 4R! Noise abatement procedures prohibit heavy jet landings on Rwy 8L after 8 or 9pm.

I watched the whole event from my apartment in that had an excellent view of HNL, especially Rwy 4R arrivals, and the string of late night heavy arrivals. There was a Delta heavy ahead of it, UPS heavy behind it. I heard the pilot tell HNL Tower that he may have had a tail strike during the go around.

Blue Wave 707 said...

@Anonymous (1st): Sad to hear that the incident cost him his career. The damaged area was covered with tarps in the following days after the event.

Anonymous said...

Noise abatement understood....but, the incident happened at noon.


Blue Wave 707 said...

@Anonymous (above): I know what I saw & heard with the incident I posted. The one you're talking about was another incident.

The incident I witnessed from my condo made no mention of windshear to HNL ATC. Tower asked him what happened, pilot replied he believed he had a tail-strike, and had to go around. Tower asked if he needed ARFF assistance, pilot refused.

Anonymous said...

Interesting as I'm not aware of a second Garuda tail strike incident in Honolulu. I don't doubt you saw something happen, but the reports and my speaking to the husband of a family friend (at the time of the incident) who was the captain in question puts that incident as the one reported.

The aircraft then sat at the north hardstands for a few days before being moved to what’s now the Mokulele hangar for repairs by MDD techs. The titles and reg were covered and shipping containers were used to "block off" the damaged areas.

If you do a Google search for the Garuda MD-11 reg in question and "tail strike" you'll see the report I posted.

Maybe you can find the report regarding the incident you're talking about?