23 November 2011

Makani Kai Awarded Kalaupapa EAS

The US Department of Transportation (DoT) awarded the Essential Air Service contract to Makani Kai Charters (a subsidiary of Schuman Aviation) to provide air service between HNL and LUP. Makani Kai will be using two of their three nine-seat Cessna 208B Grand Caravans for the flight. 

Schuman had all of their three Caravans (N687MA [c/n 208B1002, above], N865MA [c/n 208B0996], and N866MA [c/n 208B0934, a Cargomaster]) parked on the South Ramp for the past couple of months, with the termination of the Pacific Air Express venture. Only the Cargomaster (N866MA) remains parked outside the Leis Air hangar.

US Senator Daniel Inouye's press release.

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