29 November 2011

Transair Files Expansion with DoT

Transair [Trans Executive Airlines dba] (MUI) has filed a Certificate of Public Conveyance with the Department of Transportation for expansion of their cargo operations to upgrade to a 737-200C, and scheduled passenger operations with the lone passenger-configured SD360. 

The airline has purchased a 737-2B1C, N808TA (c/n 20536, l/n 289), from AerGo Capital Ltd. This 737 was originally delivered to DETA Lineas Aéreas de Moçambique in October 1971, as CR-BAC. It was re-registered as C9-BAC in October 1975. AerGo Capital Ltd acquired C9-BAC, and leased it back to Lineas Aéreas de Moçambique in 1980. TransGlobal Airways then leased the 737 in October 2006 as RP-C8015.

Transair's application and motion to the Certificate of Public Conveyance

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