16 December 2011

Westjet's 757-200 Service

Westjet Airlines [WS/WJA] has leased a 757-200 from Thomas Cook Airlines to provide seasonal service between the Canadian province of Alberta and Hawai‘i. The flights will go between YYC (Calgary) and HNL, YYC and OGG, and YEG (Edmonton) and OGG. These flights will run through April 2012.

G-WJAN (c/n 28674, l/n 746), is the 757-21K that WestJet is sub-leasing from Thomas Cook Airlines (MT/TCX), who leased it from Alcudia Leasing. It's seen above being pushed out to Taxiway Z for engine start.

The YYC-OGG flight (WJA3004/3005) launched yesterday, and will run three times per week. The YYC-HNL (WJA3008/3009) weekly flight begins today, and the YEG-OGG weekly flight begins on the 18th.

A big mahalo to blog fan DB for the photo.


Sam H said...

Hi I saw Thomas Cook B757 on departure from YEG to OGG last week, do you know if G-WJAN is the only aircraft they are using, since they have more in the fleet based at YYZ?

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge its the only one, its crewed by WestJet FA's and Thomas Cook pilots.