07 April 2012

Viva AeroBus' XA-VIT

Viva AeroBus [VB/VIV] is taking delivery of XA-VIT (c/n 27635, l/n 2721), a 737-3K2, from CHC, that was the former Air New Zealand ZK-SJE. The ferry flight made stops at WLG, NAN. MAJ, HNL, and TIJ, before reaching its new home at MTY. It's being leased from ILFC. The flight stopped through HNL, but was not listed on any flight trackers. Skyliners.de had it listed, but was discovered this morning, probably after it had departed HNL.

27635 was originally delivered to Transavia (under lease from ILFC) as PH-TSZ in May 1995. Freedom Air International (New Zealand) [SJ/FOM] was its next lessee as ZK-SJE in October 2001. When Air New Zealand acquired Freedom Air, ZK-SJE was transferred to the ANZ fleet. It's lease with ILFC recently expired, hence the new stint with VIV.

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MayerFM said...

Hi, XA-VIT actually is leased by AWAS, not ILFC:


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