20 April 2012

American / US Airways Merger?

News of a possible merger between American Airlines and US Airways seems to be getting closer. Though US Airways will be the takeover party, the American Airlines name and branding will be retained, and the headquarters will be at Fort Worth, TX. It appears that unions from both carriers are pushing for the merger to happen, especially with AAL still in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The  finalization of the merger would have to pass through shareholders, creditors, bankruptcy court, the board of directors, and the federal government.

How will this affect the Hawai‘i market? It remains to be seen. AWE currently has two daily flights between PHX and HNL, and a daily flight between PHX and OGG. AAL has a total of ten daily flights to the four major Hawai‘i airports (LAX-HNL: 3; DFW-HNL: 2; LAX-OGG: 2; DFW-OGG: 1; LAX-KOA: 1; and LAX-LIH: 1)

In this USA Today article, US Airways CEO Doug Parker stated that AWE has reached agreements with three of AAL's labor unions, should a merger go through. This subject is also trending within the aviation industry on Twitter.com.

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