05 June 2012

Hawaiian Launches JFK-HNL Service

Early this morning, at 0416HST, Hawaiian Airlines flight 51 departed JFK for HNL, inaugurating the return leg to HNL from "The Big Apple". HAL51, scheduled to arrive at 1500HST, landed 45 minutes early, as it caught a tailwind. The media pool just made it to the gate, as N386HA pulls into HNL's Gate 34 (above).

Over 250 passengers filled N386HA "Heiheionākeiki", to make Hawaiianʻs first JFK-HNL flight. The return leg, HAL51 left JFK to a water-cannon salute, and the passengers received lei as they boarded, and as they de-planed at HNLʻs Gate 34.

The Hawaiian Air Serenaders performed Hawaiian music and hula for the arriving passengers.

A couple who were on HAL51, pose for photos with the commemorative banner in the background.

Hawaiian Airlines is sponsoring a week-long series of events in New York City that will feature a number of Hawaiian music artists.

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