30 August 2012

Hawaiian Applies For KOA-HND

Hawaiian Airlines has applied with the US Department of Transportation for a second slot to fly to HND, not from HNL, but KOA. The proposed daily service between KOA and HND would be operated with an A330-243. Hawaiian had previously applied for a second HNL-HND flight, but feels now that there is a demand for the KOA service.

This would return service between the two cities since Japan Airlines (JAL70/79 [NRT-KOA-HNL-NRT]) cancelled daily service a few years ago. The difference will be that the Hawaiian flight will return to HND directly from KOA. JAL79 used to make a stop at HNL before returning to NRT.

Downloadable PDF link of Hawaiian's application.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, never read an application before, there is so much detail in there. Thanks for making it so I was able to see it.
John (samiandjohn@aol.com)