01 August 2012

Xiamen's B-2658

Our August edition of "HNL Rarebirds Classic" takes us back to August 2000, when Xiamen Airlines took delivery of B-2658 (c/n 30512, l/n 637), a 737-75C. It's seen above on the ramp area right of Anderson Aviation, awaiting its next leg to MAJ. According to various aviation photography websites, B-2658 continues to wear this same livery above, though the last photos were from three years ago.

Note that this version of the livery has the multi-hued blue stripes go across the nose cone. The version after this one has the stripes curve under the nose cone, and in the aft section curve more upward toward the horizontal stabilizers. Of course, Xiamen Airlines recently rebranded itself as Xiamen Air, and a new livery.

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