19 September 2012

Qantas' VH-TJH

Last evening, VH-TJH "Falcon" (c/n 24433, l/n 1881), a former Qantas Airways 737-476, overnighted at HNL, while being ferried from Australia to the mainland for freighter conversion. The flight is listed as QFA6027, and is routed from MEL to MIA (via SYD, APW, HNL, ONT, and DFW).

VH-TJH was originally delivered to Australian Airlines in July 1990. When Australian was acquired by Qantas, it was absorbed into the latter's fleet.


Stefan said...

VH-TJH would have been the aircraft.

Anonymous said...

... and thence onto Miami for freighter conversion.

Anonymous said...

So, in two days we see one plane headed west to Indonesia for conversion and another headed east to America for conversion?

Dave in Kuna

Blue Wave 707 said...

The ex-UA 737-500 will continue to be a pax bird for Sriwijaya.