02 October 2012


It always amazes me how the mainstream news media will claim the truth and accuracy in the news that they report. When it comes to the airline industry, it's a different story. Many local and national news outlets will show photos or videos of outdated airline liveries or aircraft types no longer in service. I suppose, to the general public, this may be a non-issue, but to aviation enthusiasts like us, it gets under our skin, because we know what's current, both in liveries and aircraft types.

Locally, we have offered our services in supplying up-to-date airline and airliner photos to both print and broadcast outlets. None has obliged our offer.

Example: a few days ago, a local TV news report showed video of a Mokulele Airlines E-170 on their launch/media day, on a report about the airline starting Cessna Caravan service between OGG and HNM. Mokulele's Embraer service ended in October 2009.

A while back, another local station showed outdated photos of Hainan Airlines 737s (blue tails) on a report about the airline's possibility of beginning service between PEK and HNL.

Nationally, network news will still show United's "Battleship Grey", US Airways' navy blue, and even Delta's original "Widget" liveries.

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OGGturbojets said...

I've run into that same brick wall over the decades.

Earlier this year, I contacted NBC about a story they had about American Airlines. The video footage showed an A300 and some 727's.

What is worrisome is that if they are sloppy about airplanes, what are we to think about the rest of their reporting?