27 November 2012

US Air Force's 68-10331

A Lockheed U-2S Dragon Lady from the 1st RS / 9th RW (Beale AFB, CA) made a stop at HNL this morning. 68-10331 (Article 053) landed on Runway 8L, followed by a few support vehicles. It arrived during the Hawaiian Airlines pre-boarding festivities for its inaugural Brisbane flight.

68-10331 departed HNL this morning from Runway 8L.


Stanley Williams said...

I used to see these guys all the time when i would visit my mother in Marysville, CA whichis just south west of Beale AFB, You guys had a treat. I am curious what did they use as the lead car. they use 00's Camaro SS's at Beale.

Aeros said...

One departed today and was being chased by a newer mustang.