27 December 2012

Holidays in Kona

South (General Aviation) Ramp (12/27/12)
Each year between Christmas and New Years the ramps at KOA fill to near overflowing with corporate and private jet aircraft.  Some years the the ramps will see up to 65 jets on the ground.  This year there was still a light inventory when the photos were taken, with only about 44 itinerant jets in place at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.  It's still a good number that will likely increase in the next few days leading into New Years Eve.

Overall corporate jet traffic arrival and departure totals for 2012 at KOA are on pace to match 2011 numbers and finally return to annual totals not seen since 2005 and 2006. 

Since 2004 Airports Division has used the services of Mauna Loa Helicopters to take aerial photos of the crowded ramps and of other areas of the airport that have seen improvements over the previous 12 months or will see changes in the near future.   Those images have provided much needed support at times to justify improvements as well as document the numerous changes the property has seen over the years.

Bravo South Ramp (12/27/12)


BillS said...

It's a beautiful sight! The ramp at PHOG just before Christmas wasn't no slouch either!

flight tickets from Honolulu to Atlanta said...

Nice photogrphy

naugusta said...

Heard the ramp at OGG was packed also. Anyone have photos?