17 December 2012

Kamekona's N6077H

Makani Kai Helicopters' AS-350BA, N6077H (msn 2693), has been transformed into another helicopter charter company for the CBS TV series "Hawai‘i Five-0". This time, the fictitious charter company is based on the recurring character, Kamekona (played by actor Taylor Wily), and another new business venture for his enterprising character.

N6077H was photographed late last month, but we were asked not to run this photo until last night's episode aired. In the meantime, this AS350BA still has the decals affixed.


KD4OCC-Don said...

Just watched Kahu episode 11.
Is the orange yellow brown stripped helicopter to the right side of the screen
TC's chopper from Magnum PI or another painted like it?

Blue Wave 707 said...

It's a copy of the multi-colored chopper.