21 December 2012

Kunming's B-5702

Kunming Airlines [KY/KNA], a subsidiary of Shenzhen Airlines is taking delivery of B-5702 (c/n 39131, l/n 4265). The 737-87L was originally ordered by Shenzhen, but then allocated to its subsidiary. The flight arrived today as KNA5702. The flight was not FlightAware's site, but was on FlightRadar24's site.

As seen in both photos, the basic livery belongs to Shenzhen, but the gold logo on the tail is different. The typeface of the Kunming Roman titles appear to be the same as Shenzhen's.

Mahalo to team member Aeros for the photos.

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BillS said...

I've been using FlightAware for awhile now, but your causal reference to the FlightRadar24 site gave me some education; I'd never heard of FlightRader24 before and it's pretty cool! So I thought maybe there are some other sites useful to the RareBirds audience that we don't know about... might you prepare a separate article to highlight your website favorites? Thanks!