25 January 2013

B747-8 Experimental

Primer only
BOE524 from KPAE on 01/25/13, a B747-8 Freighter Experimental on the South Ramp at KOA.  They will be on the ground overnight only on a quick turn test flight.  There's no paint, no frills on this one.  It's all business.

This 747-8KZF is bound for Nippon Cargo Airlines as JA14KZ (c/n 37394, l/n 1469), and is flying as BOE524 during its pre-delivery test flights.

B747-8 Freighter Experimental
40,000 ft at Mach .8 is tough on Decals

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OGGturbojets said...

Nice to see some pics from good ol' Kona, thanks Hein!