14 February 2013

American And US Airways To Merge

American Airlines and US Airways announced this morning that the two airlines have agreed to merge. American will be the surviving brand, especially with their re-brand and new livery.

How this merger will affect the Hawai‘i market remains to be seen. The US Airways (and previous America West Airlines) service to/from PHX survived that merger. Also, how fast will the former US Airways fleet receive the new American branding?

American Airlines has released this webpage about the merger.

American's acquisitions since the 1980s: AirCal (Air California) [OC/ACL], Reno Air [QQ/ROA], and Trans World Airlines [TW/TWA].
US Airways' acquisitions since the 1980s: Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) [PS/PSX], Piedmont Airlines [PI/PAI], and America West Airlines [HP/AWE].

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