19 March 2013

Mainland RareBirds

I spent last week traveling from HNL to ATL (via LAX), ATL to MSP (via EWR), and MSP to HNL (via LAX) for work. I did manage to snap a few pix at some of the airports, and from the planes, which I'll post when time permits.

Our flights were on Delta's 757-351, N590NW (c/n 32990, l/n 1087, f/n 5810) [DAL1150 HNL-LAX], which departed from Runway 26L; Delta's 737-832, N373DA (c/n 29621, l/n 123, f/n 3703) [DAL1454 LAX-ATL]; Delta's A319-119, N346NB (msn 1796, f/n 3146) [DAL935 ATL-EWR]; Delta Connection's (ExpressJet) CRJ-700, N761ND (msn 10213, f/n 761) [DAL4975 EWR-MSP]; Delta's 757-212, N752AT (c/n 23128, l/n 48, f/n 6904) [DAL1219 MSP-LAX], and Delta's 757-351, N582NW (c/n 32981, l/n 1014, f/n 5802) [DAL1149 LAX-HNL].

Delta's N373DA shortly after we arrived at ATL. The 737-832 is seen parked at Gate A3. I only had the opportunity to get this shot with my iPhone.

Delta's A319-119, N346NB at ATL's Gate A1, being readied to take us to EWR.

At EWR, Delta Connection's N761ND taxing down the alleyway RD to Gate 47 at Terminal B. This CRJ-700 took us to MSP.

Delta's N752AT at MSP's Gate G17, prior to boarding to take us to LAX. This flight continued onto OGG after our LAX stop. Back in 2009, I got a shot of N752AT at OGG.

I was unable to get photos of N590NW nor N582NW.

There were also several rarebirds that I saw at LAX, but unable to photograph: a former Air China 747-4J6 parked on one of the south ramps. It had the CCA cheatlines, but no logo nor titles. There were also a couple of 727-200 charter jets on the south side. An Aeromexico 737-700 with special markings in the aft section, that was ahead of us as we exited Taxiway H. The University of Washington Huskies Horizon Air Q400 logo-prop, and the United Airlines Friendship A320 were at Terminal 6. At the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), there was an Air Berlin and Aeroflot A330-300. Our two LAX layovers were very brief, under 50 minutes per stop (including the times to disembark, grab food, change gates, and board the next flight), and the windows in Terminals 5 and 6 aren't that photographer-friendly.

At EWR, there was an ElAl 777-200, and an Air India 777-200 at the middle section of Terminal B (see N761ND photo) that I was not able to get shots of.

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