07 April 2013

American Airlines 767-323ER In New Livery

American Airlines' new livery has shown up in HNL.  The 767-323ER used on today's American Airlines flight AA123 from DFW, N368AA (cn 25195/404), is shown here painted in the new livery.

My impression of the new livery is mixed.  The forward part of the fuselage with the new logo and American titles looks fine.  As for the tail section, it just doesn't look right.  When I saw the vertical stabilizer cut off by the AA 757, like the cropped picture below, I thought it actually looked good.  The alternating color gradient of the blue stripes looks really nice.  But, when I saw the entire tail section with the red/white/silvery gray stripes continue past the vertical stabilizer, it looks gaudy instead.

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