15 April 2013

Fly Marianas' EI-TAB

Fly Marianas, the new airline venture from Fly Micronesia LLC, will not not launch as anticipated. They planned to operate a single A320-323, EI-TAB (msn 1624) leased from CIT.

Fly Micronesia LLC also operated as the short-lived Fly Guam, from March to December 2011 with 737-400, N238AG.

EI-TAB was purchased by CIT, and leased to TACA International in June 2002. TACA sub-leased the A320 to Cubana from June 2003 to December 2008. TACA operated EI-TAB until October 2012, after which it was stored at GYR, where it remains.

Further information in this Airliners Gallery article.

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