13 April 2013

Lion's PK-LKS Crashes

Today, Lion Air's PK-LKS (c/n 38728, l/n 4350), formerly Malindo Air's 9M-LNB, crashed on final approach, short of the runway at DPS. The 737-8GP, delivered on 19 February (above photo), was ordered by Lion Air, but allocated to it's Malaysian subsidiary Malindo for its service launch. It was returned to Lion on March 20, as Malindo is going for an all-737-9GPER fleet.

Thankfully, all 101 passengers and crew of seven escaped with only minor injuries.

Further information in this Aviation Herald article, and this BBC article


Anonymous said...

Another crash for Lion. That's why they're banned from Europe. Poor maintenance, poor crew training, poor safety. Lucky no fatalities.

And Boeing and Airbus just sold the 400 more airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Anon-O-Mouse 2: I
t was a probably a Wind-Shear incident, on late finals despite the airframe probably being equipped with Predictive Windshear Detection Equipment.