21 April 2013

New Japan Airlines Flight Numbers

If you have not noticed, Japan Airlines has changed the flight numbers for its HNL flights from NRT, NGO, and KIX.  The changes listed below were effective from March 31.

  • JL76/JL75 (old)
  • JL786/JL785 (new)
  • JL74/JL73 (old)
  • JL784/JL783 (new)
  • JL72/JL71 (old)
  • JL782/JL781 (new)
  • JL78/JL77 (old)
  • JL791/JL792 (new)
  • JL84/JL83 (old)
  • JL794/JL793 (new)
The HND flight number has not changed and remains JL80/JL89.

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