18 May 2013

ATI's N799AL

Air Transport International (ATI) [8C/ATN] is donating one of their DC-8s to the Naval Air Museum Barbers Point. N799AL (c/n 45922, l/n 335), a DC-8-62CF, made its final flight from HIK to JRF as ATN799. It's seen above after arriving at JRF.

A screenshot of the FlightAware routing of ATN799.

45922 was originally delivered to SAS Scandinavian Airlines in February 1968 as OY-KTE "Skjold Viking". During its time with SAS, it leased to a number of airlines (with the same registry): Scanair "Turid Viking" [DK/VKG] (October 1979 - January 1983); Arista International Airlines (AIA) "Maro" [RY/---] (January 1983 - November 1983); Northeastern International Airways [--/---] (December 1983 - September 1984); and Thai Airways International [TG/THA] (October 1984), and was re-registered as HS-TGQ. The Royal Thai Air Force was the next owner as it was registered as 60-112, in September 1985. International Air Leases (IAL) acquired 45922 in 1989 registered it as N799AL, and leased it to Arrow Air [JW/APW] in September, then to Hawaiian Air in December. In September 1991, Air Marshall Islands [CW/MRS] was the next lessee, with crews from Hawaiian (September 1991 - August 1992) and Arrow until October 1996. Zantop International Airlines [--/ZAN] was the next lessee from October 1996 - August 1997. ATI was the next and last lessee from July 1998, until today's final flight. Cargo Air Management was the last owner of N799AL.

Mahalo to blog fan Hiroshi for the photos!

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