01 May 2013

Shenzhen's B-5103

Our May edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features Shenzhen Airlines' 737-97L, B-5103 (c/n 33645, l/n 1760), which stopped through HNL in August 2005. It's seen above taxiing to the Anderson Aviation ramp, where it overnighted. This airframe was the second-to-last of the -900 series airframes built, before the launch of the current -900ER variant. B-5103 is also seen in the original Shenzhen livery.

In January 2009, B-5103 was painted in the 2009 variation of the 2007 (& current) Shenzhen red/gold livery, and remains without Blended Winglets.

One distinguishing feature that differentiates a -900 from a -900ER, as in the above photo, is that there is no exit door between the aft door the overwing pop-up escapes.

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