01 October 2013

Murray Air's N865F

Our October edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features Murray Air's DC-8-63AF, N865F (c/n 46088, l/n 464), that was photographed on HNL's South Ramp in December 2004. For a few months in late 2004, N865F performed cargo runs around the South Pacific and Micronesia.

N865F was originally delivered to Overseas National Airways (ONA), as a DC-8-63CF in May 1969, and named "Superb". It remained in the ONA fleet until the airline's closure in October 1978, and into the second version of ONA, which later became National Airlines. During its time with ONA, N865F was leased to Austrian Airtransport as OE-IBO, Seaboard World Airlines (and sub-leased to Cargolux International), Air-India Cargo, Nigeria Airways, Saudia, and Flying Tiger Line. In July 1984, it went to Emery Worldwide Airlines, where it was converted to a DC-8-63AF. In September 2000, it went to Murray Air, and continued on as Murray Air became National Airlines. In 2012, N865F was donated to the Yankee Air Museum in Ypsilanti, MI, where it sits on display.

N865F was most recently here two years ago this month.

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