03 November 2013

E-3 Sentry AWACS at HNL/HIK?

Hey all you HNL spotters!  As I was driving by the airport westbound on the H-1 at about 17:50, I saw what appeared to be a KC-135 or otherwise 707/720 based aircraft on final, right out of the setting sun. Quite a beautiful sight, then I saw the big 'ol flying saucer atop the fuselage. An E-3? 

Any of you working at, or around the airport able to verify this or maybe even get a picture, especially if it happens to be a NATO bird? Don't see many E-3s here. Heck, we see more E-7s and E-767s than we do E-3s. I was driving the wrong way, and it was too close to landing for me to head over to the fences to try catch a glimpse or take a photo. 

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