25 January 2014

ANA's JA353K

ANA WIngs, an All Nippon Airways subsidiary, is ferrying JA353K (c/n 26104, l/n 2552) from ITM to MZJ (via HND, GUM, MAJ, and HNL) as ANA9434. The ITM-HND leg was flown with an ANA Wings flight code as AKX5564. The HNL-MZJ leg is scheduled to make a pre-dawn departure.

26104 was originally delivered in December 1993, to Rio Sul [SL/RSL], under lease from GECAS, as PT-SLS. In March 2001, ANA acquired it for its Air Nippon subsidiary as JA353K. Five years later, it was re-assigned to their Air Next subsidiary. In October 2010, it was transferred to ANA Wings.

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