01 March 2014

Britannia's G-OBYF

Our March edition of "HNL RareBirds Classic" features Britannia Airways' G-OBYF (c/n 28208, l/n 705). This 767-304ER paid a visit to HNL in March 2005 with a series of flights to/from SEA, and to/from PPT. G-OBYF is seen above departing for its last flight out of HNL to SEA.

G-OBYF was originally delivered to Britannia under lease from ILFC in June 1998, but later purchased the 767-304ER. During its time with Britannia, it has been leased to Garuda Indonesia for Hajj charters, with a hybrid livery. When Britannia's parent company, the TUI Group consolidated its carriers, the Britannia Airways name and brand dissolved, and became Thomsonfly, and continues today. The Garuda Hajj lease continued until 2007, including the blue Thomsonfly livery. In late 2009, G-OBYF had Aviation Partners Boeing Blended Winglets installed, and continues to fly for Thomsonfly.

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